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Injection Moulding Machine Boy 50T2 (6x from 1988 to 1999)

Injection Moulding

Product Details We have 6 Boy 50T2 Injection Moulding Machines available. The year of Manufacture ranges from 1988 to 1999. Machines are in good condition. Product Notes These machine can be inspected under power in a Belgian factory.…

Injection Moulding Machine STORK SX 2000 – 1400 (1999)

Injection Moulding

Product Details Clamping force: 2.000 kN Distance between tie bars (h x v): 530 mm x 530 mm Mould opening stroke: 630 mm Mould height min.: 200 mm Mould height max.: 530 mm Injection unit Screw diameter: 52…